The Chef Chek Story

Hey this is Chef Chek and thanks for stopping by my website.

I’m going to be dropping some dimes on this site which you will be able to see my unik creations are the thoughts and experience and emotion that I’ve had with food while I was questing thorugh the game of life. I am now taking the time to personify onto my blog .

Now before I get started on unleashing these kreative koncepts I want to give you my little back story. You see I wasn’t always the chef that I am today I remember back in college I was sitting there in my room enjoying a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then there was a knock on the door. I went to the door only to find my RA walking away and a note that ge stapled on the door along with a bag of ramen noodles. Man, can you believe that and you know what he had a note that said “dinner’s on me” and I was all like “oh no I’m not going to be this one that eats ramen noodles and powdered chicken flavorings all through college and back on a belly and a bad relationship with food”.

Get it Son!

So with that fire in my belly, literally and figuratively, I started learning how to cook all right. What started off as pretty slow and primitive methods with my little dorm room toaster oven and 8 inch electric skillet I started whipping up some zesty meals. Now I had to get kreative in what I cooked because money was tight so what I did was I go to the store I pick up the weekly grocery flyer and I would scour through that thing and figure out what I was going to be eating more more specifically what it is I’m going to afford  to eat. Id be walking up and down those isle lost as all hell and eventually get around to putting some food in the stroller and figure it out. Finnally, Id figure out what I’m going to buy and how much and how to buy it when I get back to the dorm room.(I opened my first CC just for the free couple of bucks to spend on groceries)  Once back in the room, I fire up my toaster oven and I get my little cutting board out and throw some stuff in that skillet that I had and you know after a while I started to kind of catch on to things.


I started to really coming up with some tasty meals before long I had the neighbors next door poking in asking “what that smell” and ,you know, at that time it was the basic chicken and rice I start throwing some stuff in the right and make all kind of fancy. I can get some new spices and stuff with that I would smuggle out of the Walmart store in my pockets cuz Lord knows I couldn’t afford a $8 Shaker of coriander seeds but nevertheless I did what I had to do not to go back to that dreaded ramen noodle blue crab crap.As I kept going I learn my ways I learn how to cut fruit , and learn how to cut veggies, to learn how to butcher meat just right then it came to mending flavors and textures and layers and by the end of my four years at college I ended up with a degree but what I really ended up with was 2 degrees one with a fancy title from the university  and the other one has a degree from the school of life. I didn’t use this new-found diploma that I spent four years and $40,000 on but the one should I use from the day.  Today after hours at my first job after college wasn’t some big corporate dealer fancy job somewhere sitting in an office it was in the kitchen I started whipping up some of the best food in town and I loved every minute of it. Sure the pay wasn’t great, tough times in the kitchen and was hot and missed a lot of big things to this kitchen but grinded it out. Amazingly, you know what I found my style and my style called and eventually I was posting a bunch of different shops and if you know what, Ill show some other people how to cook and they kept liking it and making it one of the show them some more stuff so that’s whenever I got the idea instead of showing one person at a time I want to show everybody and so that’s what came with the UNIKKREATIONZ now what you’ll find on my blog in the coming weeks months years and Beyond are some of my tried-and-true recipes that have served me well over the years for every level of the cut. I don’t care if you struggle with boiling water or if your master the beef wellington you will be able to enjoy these meals at the appropriate time and be able to serve them up in a way that you’ll have your friends asking for your secrets and your loved ones begging for the next casserole so again I’m glad that you stopped by my blog and I look forward to providing you with a lot of quality content be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below or reach out on my contact page so that we can get this thing Rockin and Rollin and the chef chek unique UNIKKREATIONZ all over the web.